High Quality Drone & UAV Inspection Services

Aurora UAV Services provides drone services for industrial and commercial companies and has partnered with biologists and other professionals embracing over 50 years of combined experience to deliver on our vision. Our services include and not limited to videography, photography, photogrammetry, orthomosiac maps, 3D modeling, building inspections and biological conservation, ecological and environmental monitoring.

We are fully insured and Transport Canada compliant to operate UAV’s commercially. Our pilots have Transport Canada’s advanced pilot certificates.

We are fully safety compliant and operate to protect our clients and ourselves from any liability. Every project is planned to keep in mind your company’s needs keeping in mind specific safety requirements and budgetary constraints.

We can deploy the UAV that best suits your needs and budget. Whatever your project is we will promote your results to new heights!

Our Services

Industrial, Commercial & Private Applications

  • Construction project site surveying and planning
  • Detailed inspections of work in progress, infrastructure inspections, scheduled monitoring of safety and environmental compliance
  • Inspections including pipeline, wind turbine, and stockpile assessments
  • Orthomosiac imagery including plant health and elevation models
  • 3D and 2D infrastructure and terrain models
  • Safety/Hazard daily monitoring and searches
  • Marketing presentations
  • Security
  • Search and rescue operations with infrared technology
  • Real estate sector

Infrastructure & Utility Inspections

  • Detailed inspections of work in progress, scheduled safety monitoring, and environmental compliance
  • Penstock, dam, and spillway inspections
  • Line, structure, substation inspections, 3D and 2D modeling
  • Infrared (IR) cameras to examine building heat loss, splices, insulators, bushings, and other equipment for hotspots
  • Other sensors can be used including Corona cameras to check for small arcs and discharges
  • Environmental surveys (i.e. wetlands, road access, and avian conservation)
  • Right of way inspections (i.e. vegetation management and stream crossings)
  • Difficult to access name plate inspections

Biological Conservation & Ecological Monitoring Applications

  • Environmental management and disaster response including habitat loss detection
  • Emergency spill response inspections and monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring including imagery for phase one reporting and compliance inspections
  • Wildlife monitoring and management including vegetation studies and invasive plant species monitoring
  • River and stream flood assessment
  • Litter and refuse detection (i.e. parks and protected areas)
  • Storm damage recovery
  • Wetland management
  • Science and research
  • Contact Aurora UAV to discuss other applications


  • Harvest block and prescribed burn planning, stream surveys, volume harvest assessments
  • Work in progress
  • Regeneration including free-growing surveys and evasive species monitoring
  • Stockpile assessments

UAV Advantage Summary

UAV’s substantially reduce the costs, time and safety concerns for planning, inspections, monitoring and other work resulting in a boost in your company’s efficiency and ultimately your productivity. The ability to quickly deploy a UAV system and the ability to fly an entire area quickly make them ideal for many projects where efficiency, safety and that eye-in-the-sky view are so important. The combination of aerial data gathered then analyzed through software produces an array of products which create an invaluable resource.

  • UAVs have the ability to get closer and more safely to equipment and get into more congested spaces than a helicopter
  • Quick and cost-effective option that provides high value
  • Promote safer jobsite practices resulting in improved personal safety
  • Access to otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Frequent inspection intervals are more feasible
  • Increases knowledge and reference material that can provide early detection warnings such as faulty equipment, infrastructure or regulatory deficiencies
  • Provide environmental regulatory compliance resources through visible early detection signs

UAVs provide the ability for companies to act immediately and efficiently, as opposed to using alternative methods that are more time consuming, costly and may not be able to be deployed in a timely manner.

Our Vision

Aurora UAV Services was founded in 2019 as the increase in demand for UAV work continues to grow and evolve. It is our vision to help businesses grow to new potentials by providing high quality aerial services that help lead you to the next level. Experience more effective project planning, monitoring or research with safer, more economical and environmentally sustainable practices.


LOCATION 1762 Babine Avenue
Kamloops, BC V2E 2P7